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Work permit, visa... and more

USA VISA EXPRESS is a leading immigration consulting firm. US immigration laws and regulations are often complex and can prove difficult for those migrating to the US to understand. Our job at USA VISA EXPRESS is to provide innovative, effective and time efficient solutions to immigration problems and help you get a work permit visa. We offer a wide variety of US visas/status to nurture the needs of individuals, families, professionnals, corporations as well as investors. We can help you secure the best US visa for your needs in the simplest and quickest way.

We determine the best strategy and we assist you with the entire process to satisfy the U.S. Immigration requirements.

Our company has been helping thousands of Canadians establish themselves in the US and gain the appropriate status for their needs for over 20 years and we minimize the challenges, the confusion and frustration that are often associated with the visa application process. A refusal will impact your future entries into US for all purposes (vacation or work) and makes it much more complex to reapply.

Our highly qualified immigration consultants can provide you with expert advice today. The personalized approach of USA VISA EXPRESS means we have a very high success rate in obtaining visas for our clients; as we are dedicated and sensitive to our clients' needs. Our goal and our success are defined by the level of customer satisfaction we provide.

Our professional services are affordable and very competitive. And more, our fees are flat fees. There are not surprises at the end of your application process concerning the extra professional fees for any reason. Our flat fees include unlimited assistance to help you apply for your visa.

We can help!

Let USA VISA EXPRESS assist you with your US immigration needs. We know we can help!  Take the first steps towards your new US Visa today.

  • Immediate FREE consultation

  • Flat Fees

  • Guaranteed 15 day service

  • Premium 48 hour emergency service

We are your expert for any of these needs

TN Working Visa
L1A and L1B Intra-Company Transfer
GREEN CARD Marriage, Work & Family
B-1/B-2 Temporary Business & Visitors Visas
H1-B Working Visa
E-3 Works visas for Australians
E-1/E-2 Investors & Trader Visas
O-1 and P-1 Athletes and artists